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Digital Oriented Network Club

Product Description

For Entrepreneurs Success Members First Club! High-End New Case Study WhatsApp Group is starting this month, and I am looking for 20 highly passionate people to join this action-taking tribe.

Get your 20 High Ticket Coaching Clients every Month at INR 10K+ each with the InstaSkills Model and the following key benefits:

× No Webinars

× No 1-on-1 calls

Those who get selected can expect to make money with this program EXTREMELY fast.

It doesn’t matter if you have never sold High Ticket Offers or if you’ve already been selling High Ticket Coaching.

This program focuses on keeping it extremely low Tech - You only need WhatsApp & Zoom to get along.

There is less competition now. You will be having the first-mover advantage when it comes to selling High Ticket Coaching with the InstaSkills Model.

You can launch your High-Ticket Coaching program without spending hours recording it.

You will have everything you need to launch and scale your High Ticket Coaching System to 1 lakh+/month

By everything I mean:

You will create your High-Ticket Offer, Your Delivery Model, Your Lead Generation System with me and my team in the next 15 days.

What do you get in 15 days?

 We will help you to focus for 2 hours a day on the mission.

 Me, my team and the members of this mission will hold you accountable for you to execute and get results in the next 15 days.

 Use All our templates To Customize To Suit For Your Business.

Are you ready to get 21 Benefits utmost required and most essential to get Success?

This Mission is part of my 12-Month ‘InstaSkills Intensive’ program for which people pay more than a 6 Lakh/Year retainer ship fee to become a member where I offer my dedicated 8 hours only on virtual coaching and mentoring in a month!

This Mission is not FREE.

Case Study Offer For Early Birds

INR 10K to become a member.

If you think you may be a fit for this program, click the WhatsApp Group Link below and I will send you the details of the program that starts on August 24.

DON CLUB Membership Offer (Digital Oriented Network)

15 Days Trial Offer = Rs.999 worth 10 K After Trial offer ends, then its 10K/Month or, 10K×12 Month = INR 120K for 1 Year

*3 months Club FEE in advance (3× 10K=30K)

Live demonstration series of execution on How to build Million Rupee Digital Product within a day or two!

One Rupee Club Offer

One Time Payment of INR 67K is valid for 3 Years (Worth 3 Lakhs).

Little drops make the mighty Ocean Little grains make a heap A Rupee Added To Another will make get you Digital Marketing for the entire year !

‘One Rupee’ has done wonders in many successful people’s life. ‘One Rupee A Day’ provides the Government of India’s Life Insurance!

Saving ‘One Rupee A Day’ has empowered Indian Women!

Now, ‘One Rupee A Day’ to get Digital Marketing for your business along with Business Website is a revolution in the Online Business World!!!

Never afford to miss Digital Business Offer to beat COVID-19 impact on your business growth.

Get all the Set-Up, Tools, Website, Logo, Digital Marketing, Local SEO & FREE guidance to grow your business online for the next one year.

Why should new age business tools & technologies only for privileges, hmm…?!

You can grow 10X of your present income and, if you are starting from scratch, you will get the ability to earn 3 lakh/month within 12 months.

Every Morning Success Regime by 6 am (60 minutes) Mon-Fri

ATM Support 3-5 pm. (Every alternate day)

Weekly Mastermind on every Thursday at 7.30 pm

Refer n Discount

Earn Rs 1000/Student (Offer for 20 early birds only)

Refer 10 Student each month and get 100% discount on your monthly membership free!

You can be our affiliate, Ambassador or Channel Partner for our other high ticket ???? program, InstaSkills Certification- First ever program on CAAS model.

The fastest way for you to become successful is by helping your community to get success and money is the byproduct of success!

Here is a never before opportunity for those who are willing to join our DON CLUB to take mentorship from me & team members support to hit your aspired income goal but don’t have resources to take action now.

There is some magic going to happen right now right here!

Business Shower – “The Automagical Moments!!”

And this will happen on every month on a specific day!

I will discuss & inform more details in my orientation group session tomorrow evening at 7.30 pm (Tuesday 24.08.21)

Unique & Powerful Weapons and Opportunities!

Business Shower OKR -Objectives and Key Results JV Partner Refer n Discount

????% Money????Back Guarantee! If you don’t get results within 100 days even after following & implementing our process, System, tools & technologies with 100% commitment & focused effort.

No questions asked.

This is our confident & success guarantee claim!

The question to you is, Are you ready to give in whatever it takes to be super successful?

If yes, join me & be a part of my mission.

I’m on a mission to Empower Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Coaches, Consultants, Filmmakers, Journalists, Digital Agencies & professionals.


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